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My name is Shira, a body-mind therapist.

Has 6 years of experience in the world of mental health in various positions.

BA in Health Promotion and MA in Community and Certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). He currently specializes in multi-approach psychotherapy at the University of Haifa.

A graduate of Ridman College in psychophysical healing studies with about 15 years of experience as a body-mind therapist with the help of tools such as guided imagery and meditation practice.

In different approaches where the main one is mindfulness.


The work process is simple:

  • A 50-minute weekly meeting, mostly conversational

  • Learning observation techniques from the world of mindfulness

  • If appropriate, work cards will be included during the sessions


Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been researched and has become a tool in many treatments like stress reduction and increasing calmness. As a useful and available tool it can be used on a daily basis in any situation and at any time. Mindfulness and other meditation approaches help us to better understand ourselves and significantly facilitate looking without judging or criticizing what is happening to us. The daily practice, helps us to pour heavy sacks over us and connect to this moment, to our breathing, to ourselves and thus calm our turbulent mind that loves to talk and talk and we take our conversations with ourselves as if they are the absolute truth. When you calm the chatty mind and are really attentive to what is happening inside, you are given the ability to look at each situation differently from what we have adapted to ourselves to this day. You can read more in the article The Importance of Practicing Mindfulness in Everyday Life.


Great believer in a person's power to empower himself with full accompaniment and support and a great believer in the magical abilities of the individual, to connect with himself, to understand and deal with the pains of the past and present.


For questions and more details you can send an email to

Empower & Heal

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