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This mindfulness-based stress reduction course was created by Shira Negbi, a certified emotional therapist in dbt, mindfulness, guided imagery and a student of psychotherapy, its purpose is to help you become aware of the mental, emotional and action patterns that do not serve you well, and of which there is often no awareness. The guide offers resources to stop and look at these patterns, observing how they operate and allowing you to become aware of the hold they have on you.

Practicing mindfulness has proven to be most effective if you experience the following experience(s):


Definition of mindfulness:

"Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention intentionally, in the present moment, without judgment, to things as they are. It is a way of moving from doing to being so we take in all the information that an experience offers us before we act. Being aware that we are suspending judgment for a while, we set aside the our immediate goals for the future, and taking the present moment as it is and not as we would like it to be. This means we approach situations with openness. Being mindful involves intentionally  turning off autopilot mode where we spend so much time thinking The past, for example, or worrying about the future and instead tuning into things as they are in the present with full awareness.


The intention in practicing mindfulness is not to control the power of the mind but to clearly perceive its healthy and harmful patterns. It is approaching our mind and body with a sense of curiosity, openness and acceptance so that we can see what is here to be revealed, and be with it without so much struggle. In this way, little by little, we begin to free ourselves from the grip of our old habits of mind. We begin to know directly what we are doing while we are doing it.” ~ William M.

What will we learn in the course?

first lesson:acquaintance

What happens to us in stressful situations? Physical/emotional/mental

What happens to us in situations of anxiety? Physical/emotional/mental

How does mindfulness help us with feelings like stress and anxiety?

Practice meditation - 3 minutes of breathing space

Second lesson:panic attack

Anxiety attack - what is happening to me? Tools for dealing with an anxiety attack

An explanation of how the body corrects during an anxiety attack, possible psychological reasons

Different types of anxiety

Meditation practice - the monkey mind

Short clips that make the various tools for an anxiety attack accessible: finger exercise, exhaling 4x4 breathing, exercise 54321,

The category game


Third lesson:Mindfulness as a way of self-understanding

A quick review of how mindfulness helps us deal with anxiety and stress

 How mindfulness affects the body/emotion/thought and how you can understand yourself better during practice

Long home base practice


Fourth lesson:Mindfulness as a way of self-acceptance

On judgment versus criticism, how our inner discourse has an effect on the way we react to things, on the path to self-acceptance

Exercise: body scan

 Fifth lesson:put into a routine

Introduce into the routine: in the shower, on a walk, at play, through drawing, through movement (dance), through sports

Even five minutes a day is enough

Recommended apps, articles, video

Manifestation courseto fulfillmentSelf:

"What you think, is what you will be

What you feel is what you will attract

Whatever you imagine, you can create” ~ Buddha

So the law of attraction is basically the belief that negative/positive thoughts attract negative/positive experiences into our lives.

Faith speaks of the fact that our thoughts have the power and energy to create and create our reality, what we think and feel is

What would be. Nothing like attracts like, but in a conscious state you can work and improve: health, abundance, personal relationships and more.

Lesson 1 - Law of attraction and self-fulfillment

Lesson 2 - Things that are important to know before

Lesson 3 - Manifestation and self-compassion

Lesson 4 - Manifestation as a way of self-realization

Lesson 5 - Techniques of manifestation

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