My name is Shira, a holistic psychotherapist.

She has 6 years of experience in the world of mental health in various positions.

Bachelor's degree in health promotion and master's degree in community mental health and certified in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Currently   specializes in integrated psychotherapy at Haifa University.

A graduate of Reedman College in psycho-physical healing studies with about 15 years of experience as an emotional therapist using tools such as guided imagery and meditation practice

in different approaches where the main one isMindfulness.


The work process issimple:

A weekly meeting of 50 minutes, mostly conversational

Learning observation techniques from the world of mindfulness

If appropriate, work cards will be incorporated during the meetings... Continue reading>>

"Sometimes, reaching out to someone and holding their hand can be the beginning of a journey"
~Vora Nazarian

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printable coping skills

The page, pictures were created first for my son, almost 3 years old, in order to help him get tools to deal with himself when he is frustrated or in emotional difficulty. From there I created cards for myself that match my character and the coping tools I've acquired over the years. The attached pages are in the Word version, this is so that you can change and adapt the tools to yourself or alternatively use the page as it is. Just click on the image and the download will begin.

coping skills

A printable page with instructions for coping skills in difficult moments: when anger, depression, sadness, frustration arise, to focus and connect to the inner self  (pictures with color)

in color

in black and white

Lotus Flower